.v4p versus .vl

In vvvv a each patch has its own .v4p file. This is different with VL. Here many patches can be collected within a single .vl file or VL document, as we call it. Therefore small VL projects typically only have one VL document, even if they consist of multiple patches.

Then there are 3 different types of patches in vl:

Datatype Patches

Datatype Patches are the ones that most closely correspond to what you’re familiar with from vvvv. A new datatype patch is created by pressing CTRL+P or CTRL+Shift+P. Here you can patch as usual.

The Document Patch

Every vl document has one toplevel patch that provides an overview of its content. You can always reach it by pressing ALT+P

Group Patches

You can create a new Group patch by typing 'Group' in the Nodebrowser. Group patches are merely organisational elements in that hey have no purpose other than letting you structure/modularize your program.

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