Main Menu

There is no middleclick main menu in VL. Instead all main functions hide behind the little gray quad in the topleft corner. Next to the quad menu is the Document Menu with entries concerning the active document.

The NodeBrowser

The VL nodebrowser is a totally different beast. See The NodeBrowser.


There is no global Inspektor in VL. Instead an Inspektor pops up next to inspectable elements on demand. MiddleClick an Input/Output, Pad or IOBox or rightclick on its label → Configure to bring up its Inspektor.


See Finders.

TTY Renderer

There is no TTY or error console yet.

Docking Patches

In VL all open patches are docked by default. A session of open tabs cannot be saved.

Open a patch

Nodes that have a little right-pointing arrow symbol can be entered with a middleclick or rightclick → Open.


Removing a link to a pin in vvvv would copy the current value into the pin. This is not happening in VL.

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