Categories and Versions

Nodes And Data Types are sorted in a hierarchical category structure.

Categories help you to get an overview of all nodes dealing with a certain aspect, like e.g. mouse input. The node browser allows you to navigate through the categories.

[TODO: snapshot of nodebrowser showing the IO category]

The category of a node is shown in square brackets in the tooltip.

[TODO: tooltip snap]

Also types are categorized. Sometimes you need to specify a type for a data hub. In rare cases you may need to also specify the category if several data types of the same name exist in different categories.

[TODO: type annotation snap]

A version is always shown in round brackets. The main reason for versions is that the author of a node wanted to keep the name as short as possible. Versions help separating the main idea of a node from the details how to use it. There may be several nodes that basically do the same thing but differ in how they do it.

[TODO: snap nodebrowser. different versions]

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