Stepping Execution

Description Action

Pause/Step execution




The execution of vl can be paused by pressing F6. Pressing F6 repeatedly, causes the execution to make one step at a time. To get back into run mode press F5.

You can also choose to auto-pause whenever an error occurs and jump to the node that threw the exception by setting RuntimePauseOnError to true in the the Settings file.


The tooltip shows timings if the TooltipShowTimings setting is set to true in the Settings file.

Image:Tooltip shows timings on nodes

Image:Tooltip shows timings on Datatype definition


Hover a pin with the mouse to see a tooltip with its name and type.

Image:Tooltip of a pin showing its name and type

If the type is a collection, like Sequence, Spread,…​ you’ll also see the collections number of elements in square brackets and the value of the first element in that collection.

Image:Tooltip of a collection type

If you’re observing a pin in a patch that is instantiated multiple times there is no way yet to know to which instance this value belongs!


Use IOBoxes connected upstream to display incoming values. As with the tooltip, you’ll also always only see the first value in a collection and the first instance of the value, in case there are multiple.

Image:IOBox used to inspect an upstream value

Spreadable IOBoxes are yet to come!

Warnings and Errors

Image:A node showing an error

Image:A link showing a warning

Image:A pin showing a warning

To get rid of pin-warnings after you’ve acknowledged them, press Ctrl+E.

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