The NodeBrowser

When opening the NodeBrowser via a left double-click anywhere on a patch what you see is:

  • a list of top-level node categories

  • language primitives (written in italic)

  • a list of available nugets

vl Nodebrowser Nodebrowser.png
The NodeBrowser

You can also bring up the NodeBrowser:

  • while linking by double leftclicking to create a node that is connected to the link at hand

  • by double leftclicking on an existing link to insert a node there

  • by double leftclicking an existing node to replace it

Available Nodes

There are different ways to navigate the list of available nodes:

  • by categories

  • by tags

In both cases it helps to be familiar with the icons:

Type Category - Type Category

Process Node - Process Node

Nuget - Nuget

Hovering any entry that represents a node will show you the nodes Inputs and Outputs in the topright corner of the NodeBrowser and a tooltip will show you the description associated with the node if available.

When you’re clicking an entry that represents a node two things may happen:

  • if your selection is unambiguous the node will be created

  • there are situations where a selection is ambiguous in which case the NodeBrowser prompts you to specify more details by choosing from the offered options.

Search By Category

Nodes in VL are organized in a hierarchical structure of categories. Click any of the categories to enter it.

vl Nodebrowser Tags.png
Selected Tags

Note that when entering a category a tag appears in the bottom right part of the NodeBrowser. The listing is now filtered by this tag. Choose another category from the listing to refine your search or remove a tag by clicking on the X button next to it. Pressing the ESC button always removes the last tag.

Search By Tag

Enter any word to search for it.

Language Primitives

The language primitives are written in italic:

Many of the primitives can be given a name directly after choosing to create them via the NodeBrowser. For Pins and Pads it also works the other way round: type a name into the NodeBrowser and then click Pin/Pad to create the respective element with already the desired name set.

Available Nugets

Nugets that are available for VL but not referenced by the active document show up in the NodeBrowser from where you can quickly reference them via a single click. After the nuget is referenced all its nodes show up in the NodeBrowser.

vl Nodebrowser Nugets.png
Nugets in the NodeBrowser

If you want to get rid of a nuget again you have to uncheck it in the documents list of dependencies.

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