A library is a set of nodes and types around a specific topic, like e.g. Boids, Kinect, QRCode,…​ that are designed in a reusable and modular manner.

VL comes with a range of open-source libraries that provide the basics for patching and for some more specific use-cases. Libraries can easily be created by anyone for personal use (for sharing nodes and types among different projects) or for sharing with others.

Libraries can come in four different forms:

  • a single .vl document

  • a single managed .dll that has node/type annotations compiled into it

  • a .vlimport file that decorates an accompanying managed .dll with node/type attributes

  • Nuget packages are collections of .vl documents, c-sharp code, managed and/or unmanaged .dlls and .vlimport files

A VL document can reference either of the above to extend the list of nodes available to its patches.

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